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Color Changing Lights

  • Over 16,000,000 possible light combinations across the full RGB spectrum, including soft white!
  • Smart phone controlled
  • Easy self programming light sequences
  • Fully customizable with billions of variations
  • Schedule light events out for the year and never worry again                       

Classic White Lights

  • Soft white LEDs to brighten up your home
  • Keep it classic, for those who like it simple
  • Uses a switch or timer
  • Plugged into your outlet of choice
  • Invisible during the day while brightening up your night



*All lights are clear by default. Inquire about alternative end cap colors*


Invisible during the day!

Love the design of your home but don't love seeing tacky lights on top of your roofline? PermaGlow has the solution for you with outward facing lights that are invisible during the day!

What will the process look like?

1. Contact us for a free estimate

  • We will work with you to design your custom LED home lighting system
  • Provide a full quote for the project

2. Schedule A Date

  • Schedule a date where we will come install your home lights
  • On day of installation, we will meet for 30 minutes to go over the process in person

3. Installation Of Lights

  • We will walk you through our hands-on process
  • Our installers gain access to your roof and begin the project
  • The installers will measure out and install your lights

4. Setting Up Power For Your Lights

  • PermaGlow connects to a power supply in the best location using basic electrical outlets
  • Our lights run off of 5 volts

5. Connect the Lights To Your Internet Router

  • First your lights will connect to the bridge, our central hub, which connects into a WLAN port on your internet router. 
  • If you do not have a WLAN port available on your router we can provide alternative options

6. walking you through the app

  • Upon completion of LED lighting installation we will help you create your first light sequence
  • An additional final walk-through and lights check to ensure a successful installation


Absolutely! We have customers using our lights for birthdays, family gatherings, game nights, welcome home, and parties of all kinds. With our endless color options you can make any event special. Get a quote now!

Yes! You can easily create calendar events in the app.

Yes! You can create almost any color using the color wheel. You can color match the warmth of your existing exterior lighting. We also have our soft whites option for anybody who wanted to skip the color changing lights and stick with classics!

Our network bridge plugs directly into an Ethernet port on your router. Power supplies are installed along the eaves at every 75ft of lights A small wireless receiver will be placed either in the garage or on the side of the garage to power and control your lights. You may need additional power boosters installed as well.

All homes comes in different sizes so pricing depends on the linear footage of your roofline and the complexity of the install, contact us for in-season pricing. Fill out the short form for a free estimate.

The lights are rated for 50k hours of lighting! Which is equivalent to leaving them on for 24/7 – nearly 6 years straight

PermaGlow utilizes the most customizable system available, allowing users to design custom sequences of up to 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time. In many cases this will allow the user to tell each individual light on the house what to do.

Yes! There is a dimming switch on the app

PermaGlow will always install your lights outward facing! It provides the best possible viewing angle so that you can enjoy your lights the most. If you want some sort of custom installation please inquire with with us. With our creative design team and professional installers we can install a system that suits your needs. 

Yes! WE haven’t had any homeowners to date with HOA restrictions that would prevent them from having the lights installed. 

We prefer to install into the top of your guttering and behind existing roof flashing. This will allow the outward facing lights to maximize viewing angles so you can let those holiday lights shine! If you do not have gutters or any roof flashing space we can build custom channel to suit your needs, we will have somebody match the color to your preference. If you have any custom ideas for how you’d like your lights installed just let us know! Our creative design team and professional installers can create a solution for you.

We are an authorized installer for EverLights for the San Antonio area. With professionally trained installers we can suite the EverLights system to your needs!

EverLights can be installed on any home. 

EverLights patented design is lightyears ahead of the competition. This sleek design means excellent performance and a product built to last! EverLights is the most customizable system available, allowing users to design one-of-a-kind sequences of up to 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time.

The lights are approximately 9.25 inches apart and typically go directly into your gutter. If you don’t have gutters just inquire with us and we can find a solution for you. 

Client Testimonials

"We absolutely love our lights! They are so high quality and really make our home stand out during the holiday season. We especially love that you can't even see them during the day, so they don't detract from the design of our home."​
Connor P.
“I never thought I would be able to enjoy holiday lights all year without constantly having to get onto my rooftop, but PermaGlow took care of that for us! It was a pleasure working with you!”​
Michael C.
“I can't say enough good things about PermaGlow. The lights are stunning and the app is so easy to use. I love being able to control everything from my phone.”
Anthony C.

This is the last year you hang Christmas Lights

PermaGlow lights are permanent so you can spend more time with family and less time on your roof.